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Are you having difficulties with your younger children at school ?

Did you try every option and it didn’t work ?

Are you running out of possible solutions?

You are NOT alone !  Many parents are struggling with their children and they don’t know what to do!

If you’re looking for simple solutions and immediate results, please call me at



by e-mail at

I am an educator and counselor of many generations.  I have taught students at all levels with difficulties, and counseled parents for many years.  I am here to help you and your children explore your children’s inner strengths, discover their hidden potentials, and help them overcome their difficulties.

You will get your children where you’ve always wanted them to be.

I’m here to listen, to think of creative ways to accompany you and your children on your journey, and to help you discover the best way that will get your children to succeed and excel in their schooling.

Children’s SUCCESS is my REWARD!

 If you speak a language other than English, I happen to be fluent in several languages.

Due to the successful results achieved by those I have worked with, I have acquired much recognition for the joint effort of what I was able to offer and what was accomplished by students and parents I coached throughout the years.



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